l feel wonderful! I would recommend this for anyone feeling under the weather. lt's fantastic. Felt like a million the very next day.
-- J. H. had an lV lmmune Boost because she had a bad cold


When I went for my first visit in Cleveland, I was a very sick person. Each night as I said my prayers, I prayed that I would go to sleep and never wake up. Dr. Juguilon was the first doctor, out of many I had seen, who gave me any hope that I could and would get well again. lt has now been two years since my initial visit... and I am a new person. Every night I thank God that she came into my life and that I enjoy living life to its fullest again.
-- Denise A., Fibromyalgia patient


The care I have received from Dr. Juguilon and staff has and I am certain always will be exceptional. She discovered that I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Considering I live in ohio and it had been 10 years since I had been to the Rockies this is exceptional in and of itself. She is now helping me to cope with my Addison's disease and thryoid condition. Since I am working out with a personal trainer three times a week and I am 61 I would say she is exceptional. I am thankful that I discovered this wonderful place full of caring, peace and wellness. 
-- Warna S.


I am a 45-year old cancer survivor that had a bone marrow transplant 18 years ago. While I was thrilled that I have been cancer-free since that time, I never felt quite right since then. Partly due to the fact that I lost ovarian function as a result of the chemotherapy and party because t was unknowingly struggling with EBV. Dr. Juguilon is the only physician in nearly 20 years to put the entire puzzle together! Her knowledge not only of hormones, but of the links between EBV and lymphomas, is impressive and ultimately so helpful!  I now have hormone replacement and truly feel like a different women after 18 years of trying to just get through a day. The doctor is now currently working to wipe out the infection that may have caused my lymphoma in the first place. There are no words to articulate my gratitude.

Your center is cutting edge and if you need anyone to give testimony to that, I would be more than happy. Especially when I think of the amount of women who suffer needlessly after receiving chemo. Thank you for having vision! 
-- Jennifer W.